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Behind The Colorama

This project was conceived during lockdown; a moment to look at past collaborations during a time of social distancing and self-isolation. A moment to think about the richness and value of our relationships, friendships and creative associations. These videos are derived from my ongoing 'Affinities' series and they include unseen  film clips made during the most recent shoots for the project.

Episode 1 - Introduction/Quentin Crisp

Episode 2 - Richard E Grant & Bruce Robinson

Episode 3 - Blur

Episode 4 - Philippe Sands, Horst Wächter and John Le Carré

Episode 5 - Leonard Cohen/Sharon Robinson

Episode 7 - Grayson Perry/Jonny Phillips & Guy Sigsworth/Imogen Heap

Episode 8 - Wim & Donata Wenders

Episode 9- Amir Hosseinpour, Isabelle Huppert & Philip Glass

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