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Kilburn (2015-ongoing)


My postcode is NW6, North West London. I started photographing in Kilburn in the summer of 2015.

Until then, I had not realised that the borough exists in two postcodes: much of it is in Brent or Camden i.e NW6 but a small bit of it is in Westminster. It has one of the capital’s largest Irish populations, a big Afro-Caribbean population, and has been joined by those of  Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Eritrean and Ethiopian descent. The main road, the Kilburn High Road, that runs through it, dates back to pre- Roman times though there is hardly a hint of anything sentimental, or Roman picturesque about it now. A hop, skip and a jump away is Hampstead though it is a world away in terms of lifestyle and affluence. This is a work in progress.

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